We admit, there is nothing heartier than a bowl of succulent seasonal fruits. From the refreshing flavor to the contrasting texture and nutritious value, SOBEK knows that the best fruits are the ones in season. This is why we ensure that your favorite seasonal fruit is grown, packed, and delivered at exactly the right time.



The Flame Seedless Grapes

This early season grape variety is a must harvest at SOBEK. Our flame seedless grapes are ripened by the sun and boast a relatively larger size than white grapes. Even though they require a long growing season, we make them readily available in the market the earliest.  Our farmers handpick these berries when they maintain a light red color on the outside and a sweet greenish-yellow flesh on the inside. In terms of texture, they carry a slightly tight skin that gives them the perfect crisp.

The Crimson Seedless Grapes

Our farm-fresh crimson seedless grapes carry the perfect sweetness. In terms of texture, they hold a slight crisp, and their seedless nature makes them ideal for snacking. At our farmlands, these are harvested late in the season. Our farmers patiently wait for their skin color to change from a pink to dark pink-red. This is when they are the ripest and ready for delivery. The inside flesh of crimsons boasts a juicy greenish-white flesh. These carry excellent shelf-value and are ideal for supermarkets, because they remain fresh for a long sales period.


The Prime Seedless Grapes

When talking about seasonal fruits, we couldn’t miss harvesting our favorite bite-size nuggets of goodness. The prime seedless grapes come quite early in the season. These are vibrant green grapes that fall under the family tree of white grapes. Our local and international clients adore them for their perfect sugar level with a hint of Muscat flavor. While harvesting these tiny packets of deliciousness, our farmers use the sense of touch and sight to pluck the ripest bunch.



Being the world’s oldest-known fruit, pomegranates are a seasonal staple in every household. This vitamin-C enriched fruit arrives a bit late depending on the harvest, but every year we make sure that the world doesn’t miss out on our tart flavor and crunchy farm-fresh pomegranates. While plucking them, our farmers look for a deep crimson color flesh with a reddish-brown outer rind. Even though this seasonal delicacy is already protected by a naturally tough outer shell, we pack them in safe travel-friendly material. Seasonal pomegranates can be refrigerated and easily remain fresh for 3-4 weeks.


Here at SOBEK, we take great pride in harvesting the finest Florida Prince Peaches. The trees are grown in rich-loamy and well-draining soil. Which is why they are available at the first phase of the harvest season. While plucking them, our farmers employ their sense of smell and sight to find the ripest ones. These boast a strong aroma and delicate red flushed skin with faint red stripes When you rip them open, you are bound to devour the soft golden flesh–oozing with sweet juices. What sets the Florida Prince Peaches apart is their semi-freestone. Moreover, they are relatively smaller in size as compared to other peaches.


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