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SOBEK, founded by Amr Badrawy,an exporter of farm-fresh fruits from its mother entity, Badrawy Farms. Our produce is grown on the enriched farms of Belbase in Dakahleya, Egypt. The Badrawy family has been supplying the finest quality produce to the Egyptian market since 1920. Our clients praise us on our premium products, exceptional customer care, and professionalism. With Badrawy’s dedication to excellence and his creative outlook of farming, he took the local family farms into the international market.


Provide premium quality farm-fresh fruits and vegetables worldwide.


Maintain premium standards, fair prices and professionalism in every step of the service.



Quality is salient to us. Our team works around the clock to ensure that our produce is farm-fresh, nutritious, and outright delicious.


We take complete responsibility for our products and services. From the process of communicating with clients to delivering our commitments , we value professionalism.


When Badrawy laid the foundation of SOBEK, he knew that Integrity was the key factor to success. Therefore, it holds utmost importance throughout the organization.

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Office address : 1 El Gezira El Wosta, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Site Location: Serag El Din, Bilbeis, Al Sharqiya, Egypt

Email: info@sobek-export.com

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